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About Cloverhill Racing

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Who We Are

At Cloverhill we offer services and products that assist a wide range of Motocross riders, from the weekend warrior to the elite. While attending local and national events, we provide a helping hand with suspension and bike set-up for each specific track and/or racer. On the weekly grind Cloverhill joins local riders and racers on the Southern California MX scene. Regularly we work trackside at Glen Helen Raceway, Pala Race Way, Perris MX, Elsinore MX, Milestone MX, and several other local tracks.

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What We Do

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Cloverhill Racing Services was started by Steven Hill to develop a company that would provide the upfront support for suspension adjustments, and build lasting customer relationships for the continued success of the rider. Through the years of supporting riders at both local and national races, the experience of working with the bike and understanding the circumstances of the track has built up the knowledge to identify the best settings for the individual bikes and racers. Along with the experience and knowledge of the bike and riding conditions, the value of customer support and satisfaction has always been in the forefront of what we strive to provide.

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